The Unit Award Scheme (UAS)

The Unit Award Scheme (UAS) offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed.

Flexibility is key with UAS, and our motto is ‘Achievement for All’.

We encourage and support learners to show them what they can do, rather than what they can’t.

Most schools and Colleges have learners who do not engage with the mainstream curriculum. Often they become disillusioned and disruptive causing problems for other members of the class.

A feeling of failure is common. Sometimes isolation from classes or exclusion from school is the only and final solution.

A number of learners, whilst they fail to thrive in the classroom, often excel in a more practical environment
moving on to pursue futures in these careers.

At Witherslack Hall Equestrian we offer an alternative curriculum, based on equestrian studies. We are able to offer a structured curriculum for student who you feel will benefit from such a program.

Our Programs use Individual Learning and Development Plans to meet the needs of the learner and to help schools to re-engage them in mainstream curriculum.

If there are emotional or behavioral difficulties inhibiting learning for a participant then 1 on 1 Equine Facilitated Learning
sessions have proven very successful at overcoming and assisting progression through the Educational Programmes.

Course Details

We can offer full or part time courses of varying durations. Perhaps a two week block as a substitute for a
work experience programme can meet some of your students’ needs. Alternatively,
a day release programme allowing learners to benefit from equestrian studies
whilst retaining a link with school subjects may be appropriate.

Subjects Covered

All our courses carry
accreditation through the AQA Unit Award Scheme and EQL (Equestrian
Qualifications LTD) so that students receive acknowledgement of their success
with us.

Course Requirements

There are no limits on:

  • what can be accredited, as long as it is worthwhile and meaningful for the learner
  • who can achieve, in terms of age or ability
  • how long it takes to achieve or when this takes place
  • how learning can be evidenced.

Please email or call for more information