You will be building your horsey know-how whilst having opportunities to build skills for life such as planning, teamwork and problem solving.

You will receive expert guidance and support from BHS Approved Coaches and they will help you work towards and achieve your personal goals. You will be encouraged to enhance your knowledge at your own pace and advance on what’s important to you.

But most importantly, you’ll have fun along the way! Remember, there are no time limits, or constraints to complete an award so you can work at a pace to suit you to achieve your goals.

The Horse Explorer awards are for teenagers and young adults. The core awards offer the opportunity for young people to develop their horse care and riding skills. The leadership awards focus on building and developing important life and work skills that will be beneficial to them in any future education or career choice. All the Horse Explorer awards aim to encourage continued engagement from young people and for them to build a community where they can support each other and build friendships in the equine environment they love.

Leadership Awards

With four levels spanning from Bronze to Platinum, these awards provide long term progression and a range of activities to suit centres and participants. As part of the leadership programme participants will receive an Explorer book which contains all the information to achieve the award. Within each level there are four topics, each with an Explorer Challenge which participants must complete to achieve the topic.

Certificates are awarded after each topic has been completed and the overall Leadership Award Certificate is awarded when all four topics are achieved.

Core Awards

The 18 core awards are available at Introduction, Bronze and Silver level. Further progression can be provided via the Gold and Platinum Challenge Awards. Each level is split into two topics ‘About the Horse’ and ‘About the Rider’, each with four different awards on offer.

For each award participants will receive an information booklet and a certificate is awarded on completion. An enamel pin badge is awarded to participants who complete the set of four booklets in either topic.

About the Horse Packs                                     About the Rider packs
Introduction to Horse Care                              Introduction to Riding
Knowing your Horse (Bronze and Silver)     Ride Flat (Bronze and Silver)
Handling your Horse (Bronze and Silver)    Ride Jump (Bronze and Silver)
Caring for your Horse (Bronze and Silver)   Ride Fit (Bronze and Silver)
Lungeing your Horse (Bronze and Silver)    Ride Safe (Bronze and Silver)

These sessions will be run on the 3rd Sunday of the month for 2hrs 10am-12pm priced at £45 per session.

Booklets are £7 each