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Christmas Dressage 


Last competition of the year, who’d have thought it! Come and enjoy afternoon of Christmas dressage. There are 3 classes this month class 1 just walk and trot test, class 2 is walk trot and canter for the participants that want to give a canter test ago without it being too tricky and class 3 for the confident walk trot and canter participants. Turn out is Christmas themed, become your best Christmas elf (riders dressed up not the horses). Hope to see you all taking part. Good luck! 

Entries close 5pm Fri 10th Dec, times will be given out on Sat.


Class 1 Walk and Trot 

Class 2 Walk, Trot and Canter (introductory) 

Class 3 Walk, Trot and Canter 


Links to tests below. 

Class 1 walk_and_trot_dressage_test_2013.pdf (pcuk.org) 

Class 2 grassroots_dressage_test_2018.pdf (pcuk.org) 

Class 3 novice-dr-2020-ts.pdf (pcuk.org)